Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A video clip that caught my attention

Title:How to Memorize Fast and Easily | Improve Memory Training Techniques to Remember Anything Quickly
This video technically helps you memorize anything you want to remember easily.

From this video i learnt that
-There are actually people who help others memorize stuff and those people are known as memory coaches.
-Apparently there are memory competitions held to see who has the best memory.
-The main key to memorizing is visualization like making a picture or a story out of what you have heard and try to tell the story.

About me

Blog title:About me
. Mega Charizard X . by Pyroarite
Hi!I'm Matthew Kerk,you can call me Matthew.I enjoy playing soccer and basketball and i am a fan of pokemon especially mega charizard x as seen above.During my pastime i usually watch youtube videos or read some news to keep updated with the things happening all over the world.I like making new friends as friends are people you are familiar with and can always count on when you are in need of help. I'm more of a straight-forward kind of person and i can be quite impatient sometimes.